Invest in Octopus BI - Expressions of Interest Now Open
Invest in Octopus BI - Expressions of Interest Now Open


How AI Powered Insights are Revolutionizing the Education Industry

By leveraging AI, educators can: Focus on what they do best: Spend less time managing data and more time nurturing student potential through personalized instruction and meaningful interactions. Make data-driven decisions: Gain valuable insights to personalize learning plans and interventions, … Read More

Decoding Success: Leveraging OctopusBI for Corporate LMS Analytics

  Multi-dimensional analysis: Drill down into granular details like individual learner performance, course completion rates, and content effectiveness across departments, roles, and other dimensions.   Compliance tracking: Ensure adherence to regulatory requirements and industry standards with comprehensive compliance reporting.   … Read More

Data informed instruction, supported by Artificial Intelligence, delivered right inside of the Canvas LMS – Meet Octopus BI

Introduction Welcome to the world of learning analytics, where data-driven decision-making is shaping the future of education. In this rapidly evolving educational landscape, we understand the importance of achieving improved student outcomes and overall institutional success. That’s why we’re excited … Read More

OneSchool Global Uses Octopus BI on AWS to Get Fast Access to Educational Data and Better Track Student Progress

Executive Summary OneSchool Global implemented Octopus BI dashboards on AWS to cut data access time from months to less than 24 hours and better track student growth and learning progress. The Octopus BI solution takes data from Amazon S3 and … Read More

Introducing Adel Hakami as Octopus BI’s new Customer Success Manager based in Sydney, Australia.

Octopus BI is thrilled to announce the appointment of Adel Hakami as our new Customer Success Manager. With over 12 years of experience in account management and customer success, Adel brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the rapidly … Read More

Jared Ward joins Octopus BI as the VP of Sales and Partnerships in North America

Octopus BI is thrilled to announce the appointment of Jared Ward as the Vice President of Sales and Partnerships in North America. With over 20 years of experience in the education and edtech industry, Jared is poised to lead Octopus … Read More

Student wellbeing - More than a pulse check

Student wellbeing: More than a pulse check

I’m pretty sure it’s not news to anyone reading that there is a student and teacher wellbeing crisis going on.  There’s been a 162% increase in serious mental health problems in teenagers since 2019 and the problem doesn’t seem to … Read More

4 important qualities of the learner of the future

4 important qualities of the learner of the future

We recently dove into some of the most important skills that learners (and teachers) of the future will need to embody for growth and success in both personal and professional environments.  However, it isn’t just practical skills that learners of … Read More

Top 3 skills for the learner of the future

Top 3 skills for the learner of the future

The choices we’ve made over the last couple of years have changed education forever. The choices we make today will continue to affect change. It’s up to us to make sure that our choices create better learning experiences for everybody, … Read More

Do you want to be effective or efficient?

Let’s talk about learning programmes and how we measure them. Effective learning and efficient learning are two important concepts to understand when trying to measure success. Effective teachers are those who can engage their students in learning and get them … Read More