Invest in Octopus BI - Expressions of Interest Now Open
Invest in Octopus BI - Expressions of Interest Now Open

Data informed instruction, supported by Artificial Intelligence, delivered right inside of the Canvas LMS – Meet Octopus BI


Welcome to the world of learning analytics, where data-driven decision-making is shaping the future of education. In this rapidly evolving educational landscape, we understand the importance of achieving improved student outcomes and overall institutional success. That’s why we’re excited to introduce OctopusBI, a powerful tool that promises to revolutionize the way educational institutions approach data analytics and student success.

Discovering Insights with OctopusBI

OctopusBI is more than just a cutting-edge learning analytics platform; it’s a comprehensive and actionable tool that provides valuable insights into various aspects of the educational process. By collecting and analyzing data from multiple sources, OctopusBI empowers educators to make data-driven decisions that enhance teaching methodologies and improve student outcomes.

Unveiling Deep Insights into Student Performance

At the core of OctopusBI lies its ability to offer deep insights into student performance. We believe that every student deserves a personalized approach to learning. By examining individual student progress and performance trends, educators can identify early warning signs for struggling students and implement targeted interventions. Our goal is to ensure that no student is left behind, creating a more inclusive and supportive educational environment.

Enhancing Student Engagement

OctopusBI goes beyond traditional analytics by diving into the realm of student engagement. By analyzing student behavior, interactions, and participation levels, educators can gain a holistic understanding of how students engage with the learning content. With this knowledge in hand, instructors can fine-tune their instructional strategies to boost student engagement and create a more interactive and stimulating learning environment.

Early Intervention and Student Success

One of the practical applications of OctopusBI is its ability to identify early warning signs of struggling students. By analyzing data from various sources, such as attendance records, assessment scores, and engagement levels, educators can spot students who may be at risk of falling behind. Armed with this information, they can intervene promptly and provide targeted support, such as personalized tutoring, counseling, or additional resources. This early intervention approach helps prevent students from slipping through the cracks, fostering a more inclusive and supportive learning environment. As a result, students are more likely to succeed academically and feel valued as members of the educational community.

Institutional Performance and Resource Allocation

OctopusBI plays a vital role in improving the overall efficiency and performance of educational institutions. By analyzing data related to student enrollment, faculty workload, and resource allocation, administrators can make informed decisions about staffing, course offerings, and infrastructure investments. This data-driven approach ensures that resources are allocated effectively, maximizing the institution’s operational efficiency. Additionally, OctopusBI can help track institutional performance metrics over time, allowing for evidence-based strategic planning and goal-setting. By leveraging data to guide decision-making, institutions can adapt to changing market demands and position themselves competitively in the education landscape.

Experience OctopusBI at #CanvasConnectANZ

If you’re eager to witness the potential of OctopusBI in action, we have exciting news for you! The upcoming #CanvasConnectANZ event provides the perfect opportunity to explore this powerful learning analytics tool firsthand. Join us to interact with OctopusBI experts, experience live demonstrations, and learn how this cutting-edge platform can seamlessly integrate into your existing educational systems.


Learning analytics is a game-changer in education, offering insights that can transform teaching and learning experiences. OctopusBI is at the forefront of this data revolution, empowering educators and administrators to make informed decisions that foster student success and institutional growth. We invite you to join us at #CanvasConnectANZ to unleash the full potential of learning analytics with OctopusBI. Together, let’s redefine how we approach education in the 21st century. See you there!

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