Invest in Octopus BI - Expressions of Interest Now Open
Invest in Octopus BI - Expressions of Interest Now Open

Octopus by Ayra Analytics is now live!

OctopusBI | K-12

For the past few months, the Ayra Analytics team has been hard at work making the data analysis experience at your school seamless for you. The wait is now finally over! We are thrilled to introduce you “Octopus by Ayra Analytics”.

Over the years, Ayra Analytics has brought you many analytics tools making your data analytics experience flawless. Ayra Analytics’ latest data analytics platform, Octopus is designed to deliver insights through data visualizations of your school’s ecosystem. The platform is solely dedicated to the education community to help them achieve greater learning outcomes for their students. However, what makes Octopus stand-out the most is how it allows you to build your data visualization in a way that is tailored to your school’s need, with capabilities that you have not seen anywhere in the market.

While developing Octopus, our team left no stone unturned in learning analytics to find the gaps in data analytics platforms. In our quest we found numerous ways that we can make your data analytics experience better. As a result, we are introducing a bundle of features with the latest version of Octopus.

  • Dashboard Marketplace – The dashboard marketplace on Octopus allows you to connect with other Institutes and the Octopus team in a common marketplace. It helps you to access a repository of pre-built, customizable templates that help you to visualize your institute’s data.  You also have the added advantage of being able to share the dashboards you have created with other institutes through the marketplace.
  • Smart Alerts – Octopus also now allows you to set alerts so that you can be notified about changes in your dashboard. This helps you to meaningfully monitor the ecosystem of your Institute. You can also create trigger points so you are automatically alerted of irregularities and patterns in a student’s grades, attendance, overall well-being and much more.
  • Data Connectors – Ayra Analytics has now established partnerships with numerous learning management systems, school management systems and other applications. These partnerships will help you to seamlessly integrate your school environment through application specific data connectors. Furthermore, Octopus also allows you to use your existing credentials to retrieve data directly from your institute’s data sources.
  • Data Lab – One of our main considerations when developing Octopus was that every Institute has their data structured in a unique way. The improved Data Lab on Octopus contains a User Interface and a SQL Editor, so you are able to read the structure of your data better and make changes to a template downloaded from the Marketplace. This offers you more flexibility in using Octopus and achieve the right fit for your environment.

Apart from these features, Octopus also offers you an assortment of features such as SQL Editor, Data Blending, Data Cleansing, Data Modelling and a Chart Designer. We are also working on some exciting features such as the Data Analytics Neural Network (D.A.N.N), Survey Engine and a mobile app. Stay tuned to get more updates on these features.

Octopus was developed by educators for educators. This is why we can ensure that our platform will be ideal for your learning analytics needs because we have spent extensive hours researching practical challenges faced by education Institutes before we started to develop Octopus. Therefore, we have ensured that Octopus caters to the needs of everyone involved in the learning process. For instance, Octopus can be used as a tool for students to understand their performance throughout their student life and get personalized insights on enhancing their unique capabilities. It also helps school staff to easily manage their Institute’s ecosystem while monitoring and engaging at the most granular level. Finally, the Octopus platform also helps parents to meaningfully engage with their child’s progress throughout their school life and get insights which can help them to proactively interact with teachers to ensure the best learning outcomes for their children.

With all these features and the modern user interface, Octopus will be able to provide you beautiful visualizations of your Institute’s data. This will help you to efficiently utilize the data you collect from various sources and transform your Institute to achieve its highest potential.

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