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Unfurl learning insights, instantly

Tentacle gives education institutions the ability to do an instant self trial of Octopus BI's leading business intelligence platform, and get instant ROI.

See dashboards directly in systems like CANVAS

Dashboards for single student and class groups

Visualize online engagement and performance data

Fast, actionable insights for parents, teachers and executives

Octopus BI | Tentacle

Visualize learning performance and engagement insights directly in CANVAS

Octopus BI | Tentacle
Smart Dashboards

Smart Dashboards

Connect multiple streams of data to visualize performance insights

Unlimited Classroom Dashboards

Unlimited Classroom Analytics for 30 Days

Get a free dashboard with up to 8 metrics

Live Data

Live Data

Get the latest insight with Dashboards synced live to your CANVAS data

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

Access our support team to help you get the most out of your data

Individual Student Dashboard

Individual Student Dashboard

Get a free template for student set up, ready for you to use

Easy to Use & Share

Easy to Use & Share

Publish a dashboard in seconds. Share insights live on desktop or mobile

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“Invest in more time making your data work for you, so your staff don’t have to work for the data”

Nathan Chini, Executive Director of Digital Learning and ICT Infrastructure, Playford International School 

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Unfurl learning insights, instantly

Tentacle gives you an extra pair of hands for your data strategy. See and understand engagement and performance data you need to streamline reporting, and maximize every learner’s potential.

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